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Credit Card Split

Credit Card Split

With the credit card split program, you will be able to repay your advance from your batches whenever you batch at the predetermined percentage. When you have a slow period, you will pay less and when business is more profitable, you will pay more.


  • Unsecured advances from 5k-250k
  • Repayment is made from a percentage of your batches
  • Pay less when you batch less
  • Holdbacks range from 10%-25%
  • Funding in 48-72 hours



  • Must have revenues of at least 5k in credit card sales
  • 1 year in Biz
  • 4 months of bank statements
  • 4 months of merchant processing
  • One page application


Apply now to Water Street Capital Partners. Just fill in the form online and initiate the process or you can check the PDF form. Our rep will take it from there. Let’s get started today for a brighter tomorrow. Contact us today!!


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