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Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

WSCapnow small business loans target the entrepreneur who wishes to take the next big leap or the small business owner who is faced with temporary setbacks. Any running small business can avail of small business finance through Water Street Capital and be assured of fast financing on soft terms.

Small business finance on flexible terms:

Water Street Capital offers small business loans on flexible terms. Existing small businesses in need of immediate funding can opt for customization when it comes to repayment:

  • Small business loans can be availed of in amounts ranging from $10000 to $ 200000.
  • Repayment is tied to daily turnover, as a fixed percentage of sales
  • Option of daily fixed payment regardless of your daily sales
  • Option of fixed monthly payments over a specified term
  • Term, in all cases can range from 3 to 36 months

If you have bad credit small business loans from Water Street Capital help you get back on your feet. Unlike MCAs or other forms of lending that do not help improve scores, our small business loans for bad credit rated people will help.

The process:

You do not need to have excellent credit rating. Even small businesses with bad credit are eligible for finance for small business from Water Street Capital, your understanding financial solutions provider. We are here to help when you need it most. Get started by filling in the online form. We will take it from there. You will need to keep ready only the following basic documents:

  • Bank statement of the past six months
  • Proof of ownership of business
  • Proof of residence and identity

You can submit scanned copies of the documents along with your online application for faster scrutiny. We may require printed documents and application form later on for further process. The process of scrutiny and approval takes about 3 to 5 working days and when loan is approved, disbursal is within 3 days.

You can use Water Street Capital small business funding for:

  • Advertising and for marketing campaigns
  • For finance of new equipment’s
  • For expansion of existing business
  • To pay employees or hire new employees or to pay vendors
  • To finance purchases of inventory

The WSCapnow advantages:

  • No need for collateral or guarantor
  • Bad credit rating is no obstacle
  • Fast process
  • Flexible and customized terms
  • Lowest rates
  • Understanding and attentive staff members who tailor small business loans to suit a client’s requirements and goals

The greatest benefit of going the WSCapnow way is that, unlike other avenues of small business finances, we are extremely fast in our responses and do not insist on extensive documentation. We understand that small business owners need to get their hands on cash in a few days to meet immediate exigencies. We are there when you need us and we help you out not only in the short term but also help you plan your future for growth and prosperity because, in your success lies ours.

Apply now to water street capital. Just fill in the form online and initiate the process. Our rep will take it from there. Let’s get started today for a brighter tomorrow. Contact us today!!

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