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Bad Credit Merchants

Bad Credit Merchants

Bad Credit Merchants will no longer face difficulties:-

If you are tired of running from pillar to post because you are refused simply on account of having bad credit, your search for bad credit merchant account stops here at Water Street Capital. Do it today! Use the online form and get on the road to increased sales, growth and prosperity through WSCapnow’s best merchant accounts for bad credit businesses.

No More Difficulties Due To Bad Credit:

It is fact that small businesses are likely to flounder and face financial difficulties. It is also a sad fact that once a merchant’s credit rating dips he finds it difficult to obtain a merchant account and accept credit card payments, which further adds to the downward spiral. It is also a fact that in such cases there are companies that will take advantage to offer such services but at a high and unaffordable cost in the form of high set up fees, leasing cost, terminal purchases and unforeseen contract charges.

Get the Best Help:

Water Street Capital’s financial experts are here to help you arrest that, reverse it and grow fast with merchant account for merchants with bad credit on the best possible terms. We understand you are already in a taxing situation and need help, not additional burdens. Time spent running around to find a suitable merchant account provider can be saved when you approach us and start accepting credit cards. You stop your business from losing sales because of your inability to accept credit cards. With WSCapnow’s bad credit merchant account you can accept virtually all credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

Fast Approval, Minimum Documentation, Easy Terms:

Water Street Capital offers the finest assistance to set up merchant account for people with bad credit. This goes hand in hand with our offer of business loans for bad credit and unsecured business loans bad credit people need. Our understanding experts assess your situation and offer you the best way out by designing a custom plan on the easiest of terms with the minimum documentation process.

Repose Your Trust on us:

You do not need to buy card processing terminals. We provide it along with all back end arrangements with the most trusted card processing agencies. You will be able to physically process cards from retail customers and also process online CC processing with a virtual terminal and phone card processing as well as email and faxed card processes. Process cards 24×7 because we provide a secure, encrypted SSL CC processing payment through a virtual terminal to go along with the merchant account and full support at any time.

The Water Street Capital Advantage:

  • No application fees or set up fees
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Considerate and friendly, personalized approach for each client
  • Prompt, fast, positive responses to each application throughout the US

We are more interested in helping you get back on track and to help you grow as well as prosper. Join hands with us today.

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